The lightshow to go

The lightshow to go

Lumic is the lightshow to go. It turns every iPhone or iPad into a party highlight.


The Lumic lightshow app allows you to create a lightshow that synchronises with your music. The settings enable you to adjust and personalize the patterns and light variations.


Your friends can connect their iOS devices to your lightshow. Together you can create a stunning lighting atmosphere for any party or event. Define how sensitively Lumic should react to the treble and bass tones of your songs and tailor the effects so it is just perfect for each party situation.


As DJ and lightmaster at the same time, you decide which song plays next and how the lightshow should behave. You can even set all connected devices to flash as if they were real strobes. Now that’s a party!

How to connect

Lumic uses Multipeer-Connectivity so people connected to the same Wifi-network or within bluetooth range can connect to your device.

The lightmaster creates a new lightshow
In Lumic, you can see if other lightshows are happening nearby and choose which one you want to join. If there are none, just create one with a single click.

After a successful connection all light effects are sent to the devices
and light-up the area to the beat. The lightshow reacts to the high and low beats of the music based on the lightmaster's settings.

The lightmaster can adjust how sensitive Lumic reacts to the music
Move the red horizontal bar to change the sensitivity. The bands on the left control the bass. The bands on the right control the treble.

How to configure

Lumic provides you with many ways to configure and adjust your lightshow. You decide which colors are displayed on the screens of the connected devices; how smooth the color transitions are; or if the LED of all devices should flash.

Enable Flash
Make all the devices flash simultaneously, let one device flash at a time, or disable the flash completely. Your party, your choice!

Choose Random Colors
Select from several available colors to produce an appropriate ambiance to the lightshow, or let Lumic choose for you.

Color Blend Speed
You can adjust the transitions to create the right atmosphere for your event by controlling the transitions between colors. Slow and smooth transitions for calm songs and abrupt transitions for party music.

How to celebrate

It’s as easy as that. Just throw a party! Select your favorite songs from your library, create a cracking playlist and add it to Lumic. You can constantly add and delete tracks or change the list's order.
Music is an important part of life and we hope Lumic can be too.

Download it now and Enjoy

Download Lumic for free on the AppStore